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Where can i find the database table for stored tickets

some booked tickets were not saved. where can I find the storage location database table?

thanks in advance


How do I synchronize my notes?

How do I synchronize my notes from one phone to the other ...How do I do it?

How to set up one-time custom price to charge client?

There are cases when default pricing packages are not applicable and you need to create one time pricing quote to your prospect. Custom service pricing will be reflected under the invoice and you make one by following the following steps

  1. My Account > Listings
  2. Click options on one of the listings records
  3. Custom offer

Once custom offer is created you can share it publicly by clicking on the share arrow. Refer to the attached image.

Mandag Nutrition Facts Calculated

This website allows you to calculate calories, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. I also need it to calculate macros, weight of the product, is this possible?